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Stylish Men’s Hiking Boots

Elevate your style with these city-clad hiking boots...

By Rebecca Paiement
Posted October 22, 2013

Hiking Boots

This fall, one of the coolest footwear trends is being called the city hiking boot. These shoes take the look and feel of a mountaineering utility boot but they tone down the function while turning up the style. No weathered, striped laces here. These are purely for the metropolitan male. Look to menswear icons Kanye West and Usher for the proper vibe.

This new crop of boots isn’t solely for casual Fridays. There are fine leather, pebbled versions as well that will actually stroll into the boardroom with a suit. Or choose a more casual rugged version that’ll have your Converse high tops cowering in the back of the closet.

How you wear your hiker boots depends on the ruggedness of the boot you choose. A more traditional look pairs well with rolled corduroys and a sweater. A sleeker version looks fantastic with a wool blend trouser. A more outdoorsy style with sheep’s wool inside or a thicker sole does well with skinny jeans.

More forward types might tempt fashion fate with higher versions of the boot or even two tone styles but we suggest sticking with a toned down, hiking look that will have more staying power in your wardrobe.



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